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Phone rings at set time. Take a photo. Tap2Post will publish and exit.

camera interface

SNOOZE → to receive another reminder in 15 minutes.
EXIT → to dismiss tap2post.
* Ring or vibrate alert.
* Take photo or video.

Launch Tap2Post App for options:

SETTINGS → Video/Photo; Time; Privacy.
FRIENDS → Share with t2p friends; contribute to group blogs.
PHOTOS → A collection of all your t2p photos/videos.
EDIT PHOTO → Crop; rotate; retake photo.
ADD TEXT → Captions; locations; tags.
UPLOAD → Images or photos any time.
SHARE → Post to Facebook, Twitter, your blog or homepage.
SYNC → Always post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

An easy-to-use interface of your phone's existing functions.
This is the secret formula:

Alarm Clock
+ Camera
+ Posting to the web

These companies already did most of the work, and did it better...

TWITTER immediacy meets microblogging
+ FLICKR photosharing
+ BLOGGER all types of conent
+ THE BEST CAMERA photo editing